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My Cable Mart Hdmi Switches

This is a 4kx2k60hz hdmi switch that supports auto-select for up to 2 knots of data at 4kx2k60hz. It has aautomatede idle waiting time which keeps your data channel alive while you use it. The switch also has a 4kx2k60hz colorshift, so you can get the best colors for your movie.

Best My Cable Mart Hdmi Switches Reviews

This is a 2 in1 out hdmi switch that is able to auto-select 4k30mhz hdcp2.
this is a 3 in 1 device that allows you to connect an hdmi source such as a monitor or tv to a cable box or router, and use the cable box or router as a display device. The switch allows the cable box or router to recognize and report on the video signal itreceived from the hdmi source. This makes it possible to watch your video footage on different devices. The switch also supports 4kx2k 60hz resolution at 4k 30p and 576i at 2k 30p.
my cable mart hdmi switches are perfect for adding an updated and enhanced experience to your digital devices. With new designs and features, you'll be able to fully enjoy your new devices.